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Saco Combimar is the result of a rebranding operation done by C&A in 2022 after 28 years in the Italian Nvocc market.

Saco Combimar inherits the old brand of C&A, founded in 1993 from the fusion of two independent sea freight consolidators, becoming one of the leading operators in Italy with a cargo movement of over 400 consolidated containers per month in export and over 150 containers in import.

The principle of the “global coverage” has constantly been the target of the company which is now providing direct consolidated services to all main ports in Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Central and South America, Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia, Far East, South Africa, Middle East and for all ports in the Mediterranean.

“Experienced people are definitely strategical for succesfull ventures.”

Our network, is made of selected transport operators active in both inbound and outbound services who can provide professional approach to the customers needs and contribute to the growth of their cargo flows from Italy.


The Code of Ethics is the “Constitution” of the company. A charter of rights and moral duties defines the ethical and social responsibility of each participant to the business organization. The Code of Ethics is an effective resource to prevent irresponsible or illegal behavior by those who act on behalf of the company. These kind of actions always introduces a clear and explicit definition of the own ethical and social responsibilities towards all those involved directly or indirectly in the business like the customers, suppliers, partners, citizens, employees, contractors, public institutions, environmental groups and people interested in the activity of the company.

The Code of Ethics is the main instrument for implementing ethics within the company. These ethics are intended to clarify and define the set of principles required to comply with its target, which involves mutual relations and relating with people having mutual interests against the society. The recipients are therefore required to respect, preserve and protect the image of Saco Combimar SpA abiding by its principles involving Code of Ethics, values, economic assets and human resources.

The Code of Ethics, however, does not replace or overrule the current laws and the National Collective Bargaining Agreement


It is almost 30 years that we are performing with success each operation we have done as we do not leave anything aside.

  • Cargo consolidation
  • International transport

These are the sectors we are operating offering to our customers reliability and professionality and today also a great and esclusive esperience.

Our strenghts are:

  • Direct services
  • Owned handling of cargo in the warehouse
  • Competitive tariff
  • A widespread and experienced agency network

Proud Member of WWA

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